Cyber Security

Failing to bake security into your product from the start leaves it vulnerable, risking user data, brand reputation, and financial devastation.

We are committed to helping you succeed, from the early stages of development to the ongoing maintenance of your product.

Proactive protection

In the realm of connected devices, vulnerability is an uninvited guest. One wrong line of code, a forgotten security patch, and your product becomes a hacker's playground. At Midwestern, our embedded cybersecurity engineers are more than just sentries; they're architects of digital fortresses. We weave robust security measures into the very fabric of your devices, from tamper-resistant hardware to impenetrable firmware. Don't play a game of cat and mouse with cyber threats; let our experts build defenses that stand firm against the most sophisticated attacks. Trust us to safeguard your innovation, and empower your connected future.

Embedded teams explained

As an embedded team member, we buy into your company, culture, and product success to seamlessly integrate into your internal team to serve like one of your own. The value we add extends far beyond the individual; we share institutional knowledge, meaning your embedded team member has access to a diverse range of Midwestern expertise. With an entire team of behind-the-scenes experts on your product, you can scale quickly without the long onboarding, turnover delays, or HR hassle. Give your company the security of a flexible embedded arm, providing you the ability to scale up or scale down with ease while layoff-proofing your employees.

Unique Value

Tools used:


Endpoint detection response


Security information and event management


Security awareness training


Vulnerability management



Don't see what you need? Ask us about our diverse talent network.

Ask us about our diverse talent network

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